All About Grenache Wine and Where To Get The Best Value In Australia

Enjoying a beautiful meal whether in a restaurant or at home is one of life’s wonderful pleasures. It can round off a stressful day after work or be part of a beautiful experience in the company of loved ones while taking a break. It can be even more satisfying for those who enjoy a tipple to wash it down while immersing oneself in total relaxation, perhaps before a doze.

For many, a glass or two of vino is the perfect accompaniment, while others may simply enjoy the rich flavours while kicking back in a bar with friends or in the lounge alone watching TV. Wherever it is to be enjoyed, choosing a magnificent Grenache wine, will add to the experience, especially when purchasing it from the cellars of an Australian company that has an amazing choice and provide quality customer service, which includes nationwide delivery.

  • A red wine that is extremely popular among aficionados is made from the Grenache, or Garnacha grape, which is widely planted and is loved for its fruity and full-bodied flavour, with the aroma of strawberry and raspberries. The grape is thought to have originated in Spain, being ideally suited to hot dry conditions, which has led to its growth in Australia as well as the Southern Rhône Valley region in France where many bottles come from.
  • The wine is especially perfect for those winter days when meals such as stews, along with roasted and grilled meats are enjoyed, ideally sitting alongside them with its heartwarming qualities as diners relax in warm and calming surroundings.
  • Those who live in the Sydney area also have the benefit of being able to visit several stores where the best advice will be offered to those not quite sure which Grenache wine to choose, along with many other products.
  • For those who prefer to order online, they will receive a generous discount when making a purchase of over $150, as many satisfied customers with glowing testimonials on the website have taken advantage of. Perhaps some additional bonuses can be found on the list of available specials that are regularly updated. Those who choose from the wide range that is available from the online website of the professionals will receive excellent value in return for their outlay.
  • The Grenache produces moderate acidity which results in a balanced taste which is easy to drink and is very easy on the palate, making it ideal for those gradually indulging and learning about wine. Its early and medium ripening offers fantastic versatility along with its high aromatic intensity.
  • The dry medium-to full-bodied wine has an ABV of over 15% and should be served between 15 and 20’C after being decanted for around 30 minutes to get the very best from the experience.

There is little point for those who enjoy their Grenache wine to purchase an ordinary choice when a superior selection can be chosen from with the lowest available prices and fast delivery guaranteed from a professional company that takes their wine seriously.