Craft Beer Vs Mass Produced Beer – Which One is Better?

You are at the local bar and someone ask you to try a craft beer. You have never tried one before, so you accept their offer. The conversation starts to flow, and you get into why craft beer has continued to become so popular and whether it is better than mass produced products. If you like an alcoholic beverage in the bar or at a restaurant, what is the best choice?

Is there really any difference?

Many people think there is no difference between microbrew beer and mass-produced beer. They both taste nearly the same and there is not much of a difference! This statement could not be further from the truth. Here are some of the main differences between mass produced beer and beer that comes from smaller, local breweries.

  • Look – Craft beers actually look different to other beer on the market. A mass-produced beer is generally a pale, watery yellow colour that does not keep its taste for long. When it is poured into a glass, the bubbles quickly dissipate, and the head is gone within a few minutes of pouring. A craft beer can be dark or light in colour depending on the brew. It also keeps its taste and head for a lot longer.
  • Taste – There is a big difference in taste when it comes to craft beers. They do not need to be served ice cold as they focus on a specific flavour that varies with each batch. It is served at a certain temperature, so the drinker tastes the flavour.
  • Production – This is the most obvious difference. Craft beer is made by independent, small breweries while mass produced beer is well basically, mass produced.

What Makes Craft Beer Better?

Now you understand the difference in production, now let’s look at why it is better.

  • Better Taste – The process is different which makes the taste different. Craft beers taste better as they are brewed with specific flavours in mind.
  • Food Pairing – Did you know that craft beer can be combined with all kinds of food. You have heard of wine pairing, now try craft beer pairing.

So, there you have it, some of the many reasons why craft beer is better than mass produced beer. The process is different as the breweries are small, independently owned operations that focus on care and attention. Craft beer offers a unique taste, and it comes in a huge selection of flavours and brands.